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Exceptional ecology

The Cécile Jouhette workshop specializes in the use of recycled materials. Thereby, it participates in the protection of the environment.

textile surface in volume moving effect in rubber
embroidered surface in rubber, pvc sheath and polyester thread

The ecological footprint of the textile sector is an essential social issue. This is why Cécile Jouhette’s studio creates surfaces and embroidery with little or no new materials. All the materials used are cleaned with natural products, cut and assembled by hand.

This is how the manufacturing process allows us to offer unique and tailor-made textile surfaces and embroidery.

Creating a real collaboration of know-how and giving life to your projects, with your desires and your needs is the priority.

The commitments of exceptional ecology:


Unique pieces


You want to develop surfaces or embroidery, which looks like you? Do you want to use original materials or your own production scraps?

Your imagination is the only limit.

If exceptional ecology reflects your values, do not hesitate to go to the contact form.

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