The Cécile Jouhette workshop is eco-friendly embroidery .

Cécile Jouhette is a unique and eco-friendly art embroidery workshop. It uses innovative techniques associated with upcycled materials, to make it its strength.

The key words of the workshop are tailor-made, customizable, quality, aesthetics and savoir-faire.

Eco-friendly art embroidery made of squares of rubber placed in lace, creation of the Cécile Jouhette workshop

The workshop offers a type of environmentally friendly embroidery that allows the match between different materials, and transforms them so as to reintegrate them into your projects. Thereby, you will be able to harmonize your values with your design through sustanable items.

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed

Antoine Lavoisier

Broderie d'art éco-responsable en caoutchouc et cannetille de cuivre, création de l'atelier Cécile Jouhette

Embroidery is an art made up of a multitude of techniques developed through centuries and continents. This is why its complexity and finesse allow the finishing and creation of textiles and surfaces at will.

The workshop uses a wide variety of techniques such as Luneville crochet embroidery, needle embroidery, as well as metallic embroidery.

broderie de fleur sur nasse à huître, création de l'atelier Cécile Jouhette
“Eclosion Marine”

The Cécile Jouhette workshop offers you the creation of unique, tailor-made embroidery and textile surfaces.

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