• leather and feather chestplate


    Discover the collaboration of the Cécile Jouhette workshop with the Olijay brand for the creation of breastplates and bracelets. The Cécile Jouhette et Olijay workshop is the blend of the refinement of the feather and conscious embroidery. This collaboration allows…

  • flower embroidery in rubber and oilcloth on oyster bag


    Discover the collaboration of Atelier Cécile Jouhette with Matlama for the creation of decorative panels: Eclosion Marine collection The Cécile Jouhette and Matlama workshop is the mix of eco-responsible friendly and timeless bags. These panels have been designed to fit…

  • Rubber and copper wire weaving
    You & the Workshop

    Exceptional ecology

    The Cécile Jouhette workshop specializes in the use of recycled materials. Thereby, it participates in the protection of the environment. The ecological footprint of the textile sector is an essential social issue. This is why Cécile Jouhette’s studio creates surfaces…