The workshop

The Cécile Jouhette art embroidery workshop is a young workshop for embroidery and textile creations. It was founded by Cécile Jouhette, textile designer with a diploma in fashion, as well as in embroidery at the Gilles Jamain school in Rochefort, France.

Always interested in the environment, she developed the creation of eco-friendly materials during her studies.Indeed, the different techniques used in the workshop, result from research carried out during her studies.

Today, she has made it her identity and leitmotif in her projects.

Then, she worked as a programmer on an automatic embroidery machine. This work has enabled her to work all over the world: New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

It is on the strength of this experience that she founded the Cécile Jouhette workshop in order to return to her first love, hand embroidery. Thereby, she will be able to adapt to your desires wherever you are.

The Cécile Jouhette embroidery workshop participates in the promotion of savoir-faire and materials. As a result, it offers you personalized and unique pieces.

The services offered:

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