The Cécile Jouhette workshop provides hand embroidery services as well as the design and production of custom embroidery. The workshop works with needle embroidery, Lunéville crochet, as well as metallic embroidery. Thereby, it is possible to achieve all kinds of finishing touches with threads and laying supplies.

Discover some of the studio’s hand embroidery creations below.

Chinese-inspired embroidery on white organdy with peony pattern
“Pivoine d’encre”
Laying of iridescent sequins and french knot stitch, anemone inspiration
beaded embroidery on mirror print design
houndstooth embroidery on white organza
“Pied de Poule”

The workshop can also make the patterns that inspire you and that make your identity. Afterwards these patterns can be used in the development and realization of your embroidery.

Do not hesitate to go to the contact form to discuss about your embroidery projects.